Soviet Russians between Hitler and Stalin

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I’m unusually happy to announce that my first book just came out. It’s published by Cambridge University Press and entitled Soviet Russians under Nazi Occupation: Fragile Loyalties in World War II. We academics don’t get to see tangible fruits of our work that often. Having spent years collecting, systematizing, reading, and making sense of a pretty huge amount of archival material, oral testimonies, memoirs, and diaries, and then distilling everything into a coherent narrative, it feels great to behold the final product in its physical format.

For the time being, the book is only available in a very expensive hardback version (and a less expensive eBook version). If someone wants to read it but can’t afford the price, a paperback version will be out in a year or so.

In the meantime, or for the short version, you can head over to War on the Rocks and read my piece Fragile Loyalties: Soviet Russians between Hitler and Stalin.

Short note on the 100th anniversary of Russia’s Constituent Assembly

Peaceful demonstration in defense of the Constituent Assembly. Petrograd, January 1918. Forces loyal to the Bolsheviks later opened fire on the demonstrators. Source: Moscow House of Photography

On 18 January 1918, a hundred years ago today, Russia’s first democratic experiment was strangled at birth by Lenin and the Bolsheviks as they forcibly shut down the democratically elected Constituent Assembly and opened fire on unarmed protesters.

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